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Voice ​Channeled by​ Katie​

When You Choose To Change Your Perspective, You Change Your Life!

You are invited to Review Our Selection of Services Below.

The choice is always yours, but the path within to your heart, your essence, is the most important choice which is before you. This loving voice within is always calling to you, guiding you, supporting you, loving you! 

Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart

Sedona In-Person  Event

with the Wisdom Council, 

One Spirit, One Heart


Unity of Sedona

100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ

& Streamed on Zoom Simultaneously

January 22, 2022

1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

The Council will present their 5 Keys to tapping into your Spirit Within for guidance along your life journey. Their will be a brief visualization meditation of discovery channeled by The Council & lead by Katie at the start of each half of the event, followed by participates who choose asking The Council directly their questions about their life journey.

In the first meditation you will go to your Meadow of Discoveries to become aware of how your values, identity, & the choices influencing your life journey developed. The second one will lead you to the Crystal Hall of Future Possibilities where you may discover your heart's desire, your soul's calling.

Advanced Registration Requested to allow the check-in process to proceed quickly for all.

$25 Advanced Registration, $35 at the door.

$15 for Zoom Steaming of Event

Please make plans Now to join us for this exciting event!

Based on the guidance in their channeled book: 'Choosing The Journey Within, Five Keys To Your Path Of Bliss: A Workbook', available on Amazon.

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For a  free weekly  inspirational  video message from  

The Council, 


an audio visualization meditation sent by email, 'Contacting Your Inner Being', 

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Free 30 minute Zoom or Phone

 New Client Consultation

To welcome you and give you a chance to experience us and get to know our channel, Katie Easterwood, we offer a free 30 minute initial consultation to new clients so you may determine if your heart is calling you to tap into our assistance. To schedule your time with us, please click the button below.

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Click Here for a FREE Introduction to the 5 Keys to Your Path of Bliss Taken From Our Book

Our Book: Choosing the Journey Within

Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss, A Workbook

 $ 24.95  Full Color Paperback,   $14.95  E-Book

Click Here to Order from Amazon

Through this book we guide you through many adventures and learnings to experience the guidance of your spirit within, your inner being, and through that, the life your spirit chose when it entered this earth lifetime and the innate gifts you brought with you to share with this world. This is your Journey to Your Path of Bliss.  It is your Spirit's desire that you tap into this inner guidance, the energy that animates your life, to develop your value system and decide who you are and what brings meaning and purpose to your life,  not your environmental influences that guide you to who your culture thinks you should be. Follow your Passion, take this Journey with us to your Path of Bliss if you are guided from within to make this choice.


The five keys to remove the barriers and open the doors to this path are:

Key 1: Setting Clear Intention

Key 2: Embracing Your Power of Choice

Key 3: Silencing the Inner Critic

Key 4: Tapping into Your Power Within

Key 5: Opening to Your Path of Bliss (by sharing your innate talents and gifts)

We also offer workshops and mentoring to assist you in embracing your power within if it is your desire to have our

support along your journey. See Below.

Yearly​ Membership

In addition to a short weekly video message sent by email from the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, members will be invited to a monthly Zoom Event for 90 minutes where the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart will provide opening and closing guidance and selected Members that raise their hand will be called on to ask the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart a question,  as time permits. Workshop is 2:00 PM PST the first Saturday of the month. 

Members will also be sent, by email, an audio recording of the session in case you cannot be present.

Whether in the general message that is provided by the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, or through the answers to the questions of others, most find answers to their own questions since the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart reads the energy of those present and is not limited by space and time. You may also experience their energy to assist in bringing your vibratory energy into alignment, that is transmitted to you by the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart through your presence at this event. 

Introductory special for 2021: $99

To purchase, please click the button below.

Scheduling Page

Scheduling an Individual Phone or Zoom Channeling Session 

If you are interested  in an in person session in Sedona to experience the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart directly to ask all of your questions, please go to the 'Contact Us' page & use the form to provide your name, email address, & phone number, expressing your interest. If there is demand, space can be arranged at the Creative Life Center. Fee for 1 hour in person session is $150 to share the cost of the space, 180 minute session is $225, & a two hour session is $300.

Up to a 30 Minute Phone or Zoom Channeling Session

Introductory special for 2021: $60

Up to a 60 Minute Phone or Zoom Channeling Session

Introductory Special for 2021, $120

Up to a 90 Minute Phone or Zoom Channeling Session

Introductory Special for 2021: $180

Up to a 120 Minute Phone or Zoom Channeling Session

Introductory Special for 2021: $240

Please click the button below to schedule.

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To purchase a package of individual 60 minute zoom sessions, at a reduced rate, please click the button below.


Choosing Your Journey Within: Five Keys To Your Path Of Bliss.​

Offering: Two 12 Session Weekly  Zoom Computer Based Live Workshops, Beginning Your 5 Keys Journey Within and Completing Your 5 Keys Journey Within, Including a gift with each workshop of up to a 30 minute personal call or zoom meeting with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart.

Two educational workshops, including discussions with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, based on the  adventures in our workbook "Choosing Your Journey Within: Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss", available on

Through your unlimited power within and The 5 Keys to open the doors and remove the barriers to your Path of Bliss; you will learn to listen to your Inner Being, Spirit, that energy which animates your life; and discover what gifts and innate talents you brought into this world to contribute at this time. We are here to awaken you to your true nature now! 

We will support you along your journey, through the learnings and adventures in the workbook. Your Inner Being, which is your Internal Compass for your journey, is a constant source of guidance. Your feelings are your indicator of whether you are in alignment with your Inner Being or not. If you are experiencing feelings you are uncomfortable with, you are not aligned. If you are happy, experiencing a sense of inner peace, have a joy-filled life, bliss; then you are aligned. Your Spirit chose this life to have fun on its adventurous journey on this precious earth.

Using the five keys will assist you in living a life of joy, experiencing bliss, and the life you as spirit chose when it came to earth to have a physical experience. 

The Five Keys Are: 

1) Setting Clear Intention

(Having a clear intention of your destination as well as for each phase of your journey and holding that thought and its vibration as motivation, leads to your success.)

2) Embracing Your Power of Choice

(Becoming aware of the choices you are making, their impact, and embracing your Power of Choice to design the life of your heart's desire, is the most important power you possess.)

3) Silencing the Inner Critic

(The internal negative messages generated from the brain and conditioned by your external environment are toxic to your well being and disempowers you. Releasing the inner critic is essential to living the life your spirit intended when it chose this life and to hearing the loving guidance of the essence of your life that lies within.)

4) Tapping into Your Power Within 

(Your power within is your essence, that spiritual energy which gives the body life. We refer to it as your Inner Being or Inner Compass. It holds all the answers you seek in life, knows why your spirit chose this life and what gifts/innate talents it brought to share with the world. It is you at the core of your being, just waiting for you to awaken to your true nature and experience its infinite love. The time for this awakening is now!)

5) Opening To Your Path Of Bliss

 (Discovering and expressing your gifts & innate talents, as well as your unique calling to share them with the world ignites your passion for life, placing you on your Path of Bliss, living the life of your soul's intention. Your Inner Being will be your guide upon this journey.)

Both workshops are designed to walk you through the adventures within the book on one week with Katie guiding you through the adventures with an opening and closing message by the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart and the following week is dedicated to your questions of the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart about the learnings and adventures taken the previous week. There are two, 12 week workshops that may be purchased that walk you  though all of the adventures within the book included in the Five Keys. 

The FIRST 12 WEEK WORKSHOP is called "Beginning Your 5 Keys Journey Within"  and will cover Adventures one through fourteen as well as the Personal Power Builder Concepts of Perspective, Emotions, and Choice. 

The  SECOND 12 WEEK WORKSHOP is called "Completing Your 5 Keys Journey Within" and will cover Adventures 14 through 26. Each is purchased separately and the first workshop is a prerequisite for the second workshop. The book is required for both workshops and we encourage you to review it prior to deciding if the workshops are calling you or if you can complete the adventures in the book on you own.

Specific dates of each session will be sent thru email once registered. The workbook is required for the workshops since the adventures only are covered and you need the explanation and additional information within the book for the adventures to make sense regarding their importance within you life. 

Scheduled Workshop

Beginning Your 5 Keys Journey Within

The first workshop, Beginning Your 5 Keys Journey Within, is scheduled to begin Monday, February 28, 2022, 6:00 pm to 7:30 PM PST and continues for 12 weeks, excluding Federal U.S. Holidays. The 30 minute individual call or zoom session with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart must be scheduled during the 12 week period of the workshop. 

(Special Introductory offer:  $295  Limited to 24 participants.

Please go to the 'Scheduling' page to schedule & purchase this first workshop.                

Scheduling Page

12 week Zoom Computer Mentoring Program with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart on Choosing Your Journey Within: The 5 Keys 

A Mentoring Program designed specifically to support Choosing Your Journey Within, successfully incorporating the 5 Keys into your daily life from the workshops and workbook. Sessions will include questions from participants  of the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, focused on your incorporation of these 5 keys and learning from the experiences others are having. 

The sessions will meet every other week, excluding Federal Holidays. This Program is intended to be discussion oriented rather than educational and all time is spent with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit One Heart. The "Beginning Your 5 Keys Journey Within"  Workshop and the "Completing Your 5 Keys Journey Within" Workshop are prerequisites for entrance into this mentoring program.  The 30 phone or zoom individual session is included as a gift and must be scheduled during the duration of the program.

 $295, will be scheduled in Spring, 2022, after the first two workshops.

Limited to 24 participants. Participants beginning the program may enter the mentoring program on session one and session seven.


Small Group Sessions 

Small group sessions, up to 12 people, will be provided on Zoom & locations in Sedona, AZ. When scheduled, they will be announced through email and here, so you may sign up for specifically scheduled events. 

Current scheduled event listed on the top of this page.

Hosted Small Group Meetings

If you have a group that would like to meet with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, contact us to arrange a 90-minute zoom meeting just for your group.

 $50 fee for each member of the group for a zoom meeting needs to be paid in advance. Please press the button below and fill out the form to receive a call to discuss scheduling a session.

Request to Schedule Contact Form

Large 3-hour Workshops  on Zoom and at locations in Sedona, AZ to Be Scheduled

As demand for contact with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart increases as their work becomes known, we will schedule 3-hour workshops where Katie will channel The  Council for 45 minutes and take a 15-minute break before the next 45-minute channeling, with a second 15-minute break before the last 45-minute channeling. The Council will call on a participants to ask their question. Whether you are selected to actively participate with a question or passively participate by listening to The Council's discussions, most get their questions answered because the Wisdom Council reads the energy of the audience and provides guidance for all those present through opening and closing comments, as well as the answers to questions. You may also experience, through your presence at this eventthe Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart's energy directly, which assists in bringing your vibratory energy into alignment.  We will post all events scheduled at the Sedona Creative Life Center here & send out a notice to our email list.

$99 each participant