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When You Choose To Change Your Perspective, You Change Your Life!

You are invited to Review Our Selection of Services Below.

The choice is always yours, but the path within to your heart, your essence, is the most important choice which is before you. This loving voice within is always calling to you, guiding you, supporting you, loving you! 

Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart

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 30 minute Zoom or Phone
 New Client Consultation
Special Offer: $24.95,  
regular rate $75.

To welcome you and give you a chance to experience us and get to know our channel, Katie Easterwood, we offer a special rate of $24.95 for a 30 minute initial consultation to new clients so you may determine if your heart is calling you to tap into our assistance. To schedule your time with us, please click the button below.

Scheduling an Individual Phone or Zoom Channeling Session 

Up to a 30 Minute Phone or Zoom Channeling Session


Up to a 60 Minute Phone or Zoom Channeling Session


Up to a 90 Minute Phone or Zoom Channeling Session


Up to a 120 Minute Phone or Zoom Channeling Session


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Just Release

Inspiring Moments with Spirit

Channeled Guidance From Spirit

Do you desire guidance from Spirit in the moment, or inspiration to set the tone for your day ahead? Searching for your spiritual connection? Want to tap into your True Self, the wisdom & power of your Spirit Within?


Channeling the collective of all non-physical Beings dedicated to supporting life on Earth, Katie Easterwood, MSW acts as a beautiful conduit to universal truths. And as the nonphysical Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart come together in this eye-opening resource, they share the inspiration to guide you to  your joy-filled Life Journey.


Inspiring Moments With Spirit presents 52 inspiring moments drawn from the wisdom of the universe to inspire you in obtaining higher states of conscious, one thought, one moment, at a time, raising you to higher levels of Spiritual Discovery.


This precious book of spiritual wisdom is in full color with pictures as well as words to inspire. The Council believes it is important to engage both hemispheres of the brain to fully receive their loving nonphysical guidance. 

Desiring a life fueled by your passion for each joy-filled day of love, meaning & purpose? Embrace the life your heart is calling you to experience with this guide to your Power Within which will steer you to the life you desire.


Do you desire to experience your ultimate power to be the sole creator of your life? Want to rid yourself of the inner critic of the mind that prevents you from moving forward with the life you desire? Through the channeled guidance of the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, a collective of nonphysical Beings that are present to support life on Earth at this time, Katie Easterwood acts as a powerful conduit to reveal the answers you are seeking through this guide of universal wisdom. 


In this full color, step-by-step guide, including pictures to inspire, a 30 Day Journal, & twenty-six guided inner adventures, you discover the keys to the life you seek.

These nonphysical Beings of Infinite Love have accomplished this by providing you with the techniques to embrace Your Power of Intention, Your Power of Choice, to Silence Your Inner Critic, Connect With Your Inner Guidance (Spirit), as well as know & express Your Gifts & Innate Skills. By empowering you with this knowledge & developing these skills, you become the active creator of a joy-filled life journey blessed with the adventures which bring you meaning & purpose.


Now is the time to embrace the vast potential that lies within you by tapping into the wisdom of this nonphysical guidance! 

Act now to buy Choosing Your Journey Within to experience the life of your Heart’s Desires.

Our Books May Be Purchased On Amazon in three versions: ebook, paperback, & hardback

Follow your Passion, take this Journey with us to your Path of Bliss. 


The five keys to remove the barriers and open the doors to this path are:

Key 1: Setting Clear Intention

Key 2: Embracing Your Power of Choice

Key 3: Silencing the Inner Critic

Key 4: Tapping into Your Power Within

Key 5: Opening to Your Path of Bliss (by sharing your innate talents and gifts)



Reflections of Spirit: Discovering Your True Self

Full color picture paperback on premium paper,  is also available as an E-Book on Kindle Unlimited, & as a

 Full color, premium picture hardback to meet many price point needs.

Available on

In our, the non-physical Wisdom Council, One Spirit One Heart, second book we assist you in taking your next step in your journey to maintain your connection to your Spirit Within to receive its guidance throughout your day to guide your choices, creating your Life Journey, & to increase your awareness of the gifts you brought into this life to share both creatively & energetically through your life with the world. We introduce you to the Eight Reflections of Spirit & assist you in determining which 'reflections' you chose this life to express. The eight reflections of Spirit are: Detachment, Absolute Love, Kindness, Compassion, Appreciation, Creativity, Equanimity, & Wisdom. 

In Parts Two through Four we present: Six Shifts of Perspective to Discover the Life of Your Heart's Desires, The Seven Guidelines for Enhancing Your Soul Connection, & the Six Areas to Expand Your Awareness to Embrace the Full Power of Your True Self.

In this book, as you take time to meditate upon the pictures, if it is of your choosing, we send our energy directly to you as if you were in a workshop with us so you also receive our message energetically.

May Our Guidance Assist You By Lighting the Pathways of Your Life Journey

Small Group Sessions 

Hosted Small Group Meetings

If you have a group that would like to meet with the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, contact us to arrange a 90-minute zoom meeting just for your group.

$25 fee for each member of the group for a zoom meeting needs to be paid in advance. Minimum of 4 attending.


If you would like us to come to a meeting you are having to provide our guidance  in person in the Sedona area,  The fee would be $35 per person in advance with at least 5 people attending.


Please press the button below & fill out the form to receive a call to discuss scheduling a session.


Workshops will be scheduled both on zoom & in-person in the Sedona Area. In these workshops, you experience the opportunity to ask your questions about your life journey & learn more about our guidance on discovering your true nature & your soul's purpose in choosing this life, leading you to a journey of joy, passion, & harmony. There are guided visualization adventures to assist you into tapping into your full power within at each event.


$35 each In-person, &  $50 at the Door.

Workshops will be posted on the Home Page when scheduled.


Advanced Registration requested to accommodate a quick check in process so out guidance may begin on time. Please contact Katie for assistance if you experience any difficulties in registering directly on our scheduling page.

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