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"One may hear a Voice from within calling  for a long time, an inner knowing, heart intuition, an instinct. How long will it take you to listen to the essence of who you are that resides in the core of your being? It is essential to the life of your dreams."​​

Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart





Introducing the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart​

We, the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart consist of all non-physical Beings, focused on supporting all life upon this planet at this time: Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Angels, Teachers & Shamanic Healers, to mention a few, from different spiritual backgrounds. We come together in our common interest to support you. The time to remember your true identity & the gifts you, as Spirit, brought to share with the world is now. It is the time of the great awakening. Before you made the journey into this life, we committed to be here to assist you upon your Earth journey.

We have chosen to speak to you through the one known as Katie Easterwood, who agreed to provide this service prior to coming into this life, it is her master purpose. She is a member of this Council & one of the angelic realm, but chose to be physically present on Earth at this time to give us a voice so all those who seek may hear our guidance directly. When speaking, we have asked Katie not to identify us individually because, from our view, we speak as One Spirit, with one voice, & One Heart. In non-physical, there is no separation or difference in guidance among us, although each has a focus within their guidance. Our numbers are infinite. We speak through many channels at this time & our focus is different with each channel so those that seek a specific guidance may be drawn to the channel speaking on that primary topic. In addition to speaking through Katie so you may hear from us directly, members of The Council are sending healing energy in support of your energetic alignment, your highest vibratory well-being, both directly & through Katie.

For the channeling of our books, many members come in & out of the process of channeling it through the guidance & the editing process. Katie can feel the energy change when this happens & she feels we are a constant presence with her. Many have asked if there are those that primarily speak for The Council. For our weekly messages, during our individual sessions, & at our events, there are three who primarily come through, sometimes all at once since we are interconnected. Other non-physical energy present may vary due to who is doing the asking. There are always a large number of us forming a circle of protection at each event, sending our energy to those present. The three who primarily speak are: Jesus, Archangel Ezekiel & Athena.

Jesus: assists all in awakening to your true identity & in remembering you are his energetic brothers & sisters, having the same spiritual energy & connection to the Creative Energy & Wisdom of the Universe, which is known by many names. Jesus wants all to know the possibilities are endless when we embrace the guidance & power of our Spirit Within.

Archangel Ezekiel: is the angel of transformation. He assists your transitions in life to flow with ease & grace. As you achieve a higher vibration, your life changes to resonate with people & activities of a similar high vibration. He eases the way & assists you in fulfilling your life purpose.

Athena: is the Goddess of Wisdom. Athena supports your understanding that the wisdom of the universe lies within you, your Spirit, & within the guides that are always present to support your Life Journey. She lights your path to tapping into this wisdom.

Our logo consists of One Heart, with Pegasus on the left & the Phoenix on the right. Pegasus symbolizes the wisdom of non-physical Beings brought to you to assist you in remembering who you are, & your power as Divine Beings. The Phoenix rising symbolizes your True Self & its power being fully realized, as you remember your true identity & why you came into this life.

Our message to you is that you are loved & supported by a number that is too great to imagine while you are in the physical body, by angels & guides without ceasing. That your essence, that which animates the body, which always was & will be, that we refer to as your Spirit Within or Inner Being, is the energy of Infinite Love which is always connected to the Creative Energy of the Universe. You can never separate yourself from this greater source of Love, it is also who you are! Any separation you experience is an illusion.

Our Interest is to assist you: in remembering who you truly are, to awaken to your magnificent power within, & to learn to tap into this internal source of wisdom as the rudder of your ship of life, to guide your Life’s Journey. We do this by illuminating the path of your inward journey & the nature of your Spirit Within, providing support along your journey. That which you are, the Spirit Within, remembers why you chose this life, the gifts you brought to contribute, & holds your answers to guide you along your journey. It is your choice. We encourage you to grasp our support in tapping into your True Self to power & guide your life & undertake this journey with us.

Most of you, through the process of early training, learned not to listen to this quiet, loving voice within & to rely on the institutions of your culture, your external environment, to guide your life. Allowing your environment to tell you who you are, what to value, & what to do. For many, this resulted in feelings of being lost, not experiencing the happiness & contentment you have a knowing is your birthright, & a disconnection from that which you truly are, your inner essence. This essence, your Inner Being or Spirit Within, remains connected to the creative force of the universe. This energy within that animates your life, holds all knowledge essential for you to experience your zeal for life, to live your passion & have the joy-filled journey for which your Spirit chose this Earth experience.

For those that desire it, we will guide you in discovering the voice of your True Self, supporting your journey in remembering how to hear this quiet voice. For each it is different: for some, it is a subtle knowing, an intuition, insight, some hear guidance through their psychic audible senses, others connect through automatic writing, some are more visual. Spending quiet time each day to go within in a fashion that is comfortable for you & connects you to your Inner Being, your Spirit, is how you open the door within to start your journey. 

Your Spirit is always loving & guiding you upon your journey. It is always your choice as to whether you connect with & listen to your internal guide, your Spirit. 


How do I receive the guidance of the Wisdom Council, 

One Spirit, One Heart

We have ​many offerings listed which  may be viewed by clicking on the page link below, Services & Events. Videos are available for your viewing for free on our blog page and you may have them emailed to you weekly by signing up for our free weekly email.

Introducing the Voice Channel, 

Katie Easterwood, MSW

 Transformational Life Coach

We, the non-physical Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, introduce you to our channel.

Katie has always experienced her True Self as her essence within, that which is infinite, existing prior to & continuing past this life experience. As a young child she could remember past lives. She always had an interest in psychic abilities & started studying metaphysical writings in her early 20’s with Edgar Cayce’s work. She did not recognize the gifts she herself had at that time.

As a result, she followed a more traditional path to follow that voice within that called her to serve. She worked eight years in the Governor’s Office in California on environmental issues, but at the end of that time, felt a deep satisfaction with her volunteer work at a local hospital with a cancer support group. She obtained her Master’s in Social Work & became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California. Her first work in this area was assisting medical patients to cope with their illness, hospice patients with their transition, & their families with embracing the changes in their lives. It felt to her like the most sacred time in a person’s life, when they became free of the precious body to experience all that really is. She soon realized that she desired to assist people in having happy, fulfilled lives prior to this point & worked for the next 28 years in the area of Mental Health, assisting others to tap into their strengths within. She retired in 2015.

After retirement, she moved to Sedona, Arizona where she felt called to finally embrace her spiritual gifts & psychic abilities. She began a meditation practice where she would enter a deep trance state. Council Members, that she now knows as the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, would meet with her during these meditations to raise her vibration to be compatible with their frequency, some times taking her to different dimensions. In 2020 she entered a mentoring program with Theo, Sheila Gillette & the Theo Group based in Scottsdale, AZ, to further embrace & develop her spiritual gifts. During this time we caught her by surprise when we, the non-physical Master’s Council who had been guiding her, told her she had come into this life to be a voice channel so we could assist those in this physical world that seek our guidance. With her Inner Knowing & intuition, she immediately knew this to be true. She enthusiastically embraced this service. She created a Limited Liability Company, LLC, at our direction, in Sedona, Arizona to support the message of the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, as we now choose to call ourselves, & we began dictating our first book of our guidance to her to assist others in connecting with their Spirit Within. Our first book is “Choosing The Journey Within, Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss: A Workbook”, available on She developed this website at: where our blog page provides free guidance & our services page describes how you may be assisted directly by us. We, with her assistance, have been conducting workshops in person in Sedona, AZ, & we have services available on Zoom & by phone so all that choose may meet with us directly to receive our guidance, asking their questions about their Life Journey. We have now released our second channeled book we have dictated to her through her audible psychic skills, entitled: “Reflections of Spirit: Discovering Your True Self”, available on And so our journey continues with Katie as our channel, providing us a means to speak with you directly about your Life Journey & connecting with your own power within.

Channel’s Personal Note

My life has been an adventure with many blessings, but this stage of my life is an example of one never knowing the blessings that await around the next corner when one commits to following the guidance of their Spirit Within. What an exciting adventure at this stage in my life! It is a great privilege to feel The Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart’s loving energy flow through me & hear their guidance. A greater sense of love & the Peace that Passes All Understanding cannot be known or experienced. Since they are always present, I realize I am never alone & feel lovingly supported. I can feel the energy shift as different members enter to provide guidance. They have recently identified the primary members who speak through me, which were identified in the Introduction, but they also have said the energy of several at the same time may flow through to offer guidance. I am still understanding the possibilities of nonphysical Beings. My understanding seems to expand as my willingness to accept, & not be frightened by, any of the possibilities when experiencing the wisdom of non-physical Beings.

All of my channeling work is done in a trance state. The writing of the books is done using the psychic audible senses. It is like I am receiving dictation. At times they would actually start typing. Most of the time they are speaking through me. I take a few deep breaths & ask my analytical & discernment functions of the ego & brain to step aside & become neutral observers, inviting The Council members to blend totally with my Spirit & use my physical Being to communicate directly with all that choose to experience their guidance. All of the videos on their blog page are created this way as well as when they are channeling guidance directly to someone.

It is my greatest pleasure at this time in my life to be the channel by which the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart may share their love, wisdom, infinite patience & kindness with all who desire & seek it.

May you live each moment in light, wisdom, & infinite love!

Katie Easterwood, MSW

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