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Choosing the Path Less Traveled, the Path Within

Introducing the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart,
Channeled Guidance Directly from Spirit

Channelled by Katie​

In this video, the non-physical Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart discusses who they are and their reason for being here now to speak through their voice channel, Katie Easterwood, MSW.

Schedule a 30 minute New Client Consultation by Zoom or Phone, 

with the Nonphysical Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, 

as Voice Channeled Thru Katie Easterwood, MSW. 

 The Council will answer your questions directly about your Life Journey.

Special Introductory Rate For New Individual Clients


30 Minutes by Phone or on Zoom.

Regular rate $75.

Just Released, Our Third Book

Inspiring Moments With Spirit

Channeled Guidance From Spirit

on Amazon

Do you desire guidance from Spirit in the moment, or inspiration to set the tone for your day ahead? Searching for your spiritual connection? Want to tap into your True Self, the wisdom & power of your Spirit Within?

Channeling the collective of all non-physical Beings dedicated to supporting life on Earth, Katie Easterwood, MSW acts as a beautiful conduit to universal truths. And as the nonphysical Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart come together in this eye-opening resource, they share the inspiration to guide you to  your joy-filled Life Journey.

Inspiring Moments With Spirit presents 52 inspiring moments drawn from the wisdom of the universe to inspire you in obtaining higher states of conscious, one thought, one moment, at a time, raising you to higher levels of Spiritual Discovery.

This precious book of spiritual wisdom is in full color with pictures as well as words to inspire. The Council believes it is important to engage both hemispheres of the brain to fully receive their loving nonphysical guidance.

Spiritual energy engages through the right hemisphere of the brain & they tap into this by sending their energy to you as you focus on the 100+ pictures selected by them to match the inspirational message, but convey their message energetically through the pictures, while the left hemisphere of the brain processes their inspiring message through the words, creating a stimulating, balance spiritual experience.

Buy your copy now of Inspiring Moments With Spirit to explore endless possibilities today on Amazon!  

Choosing the Journey Within

Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss

A Guide

Our First Book of Guidance

Desiring a life fueled by your passion for each joy-filled day of love, meaning & purpose? Embrace the life your heart is calling you to experience with this guide to your Power Within which will steer you to the life you desire.

Do you desire to experience your ultimate power to be the sole creator of your life? Want to rid yourself of the inner critic of the mind that prevents you from moving forward with the life you desire? Through the channeled guidance of the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, a collective of nonphysical Beings that are present to support life on Earth at this time, Katie Easterwood acts as a powerful conduit to reveal the answers you are seeking through this guide of universal wisdom.

In this full color, step-by-step guide, including pictures to inspire, a 30 Day Journal, & twenty-six guided inner adventures, you discover the keys to the life you seek.

These nonphysical Beings of Infinite Love have accomplished this by providing you with the techniques to embrace Your Power of Intention, Your Power of Choice, to Silence Your Inner Critic, Connect With Your Inner Guidance (Spirit), as well as know & express Your Gifts & Innate Skills. By empowering you with this knowledge & developing these skills, you become the active creator of a joy-filled life journey blessed with the adventures which bring you meaning & purpose.

Now is the time to embrace the vast potential that lies within you by tapping into the wisdom of this nonphysical guidance!

Act now to buy Choosing Your Journey Within to experience the life of your Heart’s Desires.

Our Books May Be Purchased On Amazon in three versions: ebook, paperback, & hardback

Reflections of Spirit:

Discovering Your True Self

Guidance To Take Your Journey to the Next Level

Searching For A More Meaningful, Connected Existence? Step Forward With This Guide To Your Path Of Transformative Self-Discovery.

Do you want to know your Soul’s Calling? Feel like you’re missing out on your Life’s Passion? Looking for the secrets to the Universe? Channeling the collective of all non-physical beings, Katie Easterwood, MSW acts as a beautiful conduit to universal truths. And as the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart come together in this eye-opening resource, they share exactly how you can embrace your inner power and purpose.

Reflections of Spirit: Channeled Guidance Leading You to Your Wisdom Within is a four-part compilation giving you the knowledge of essential changes you can make to access your heart’s desires. Exploring spiritual insights and questions, practical exercises, meditation, and journaling, you’ll embark on adventures of discovery that will spark your awakening. And when you receive these lessons for a clear direction in life, you will find fun and limitless joy.

In Reflections of Spirit, you’ll discover:

- Eight observations of the Energy of Spirit that inspire your chosen Soul’s purpose.

- The Six Shifts of Your Perspective that will transform how you view your experience, so you’ll be guided from within

- How to maintain a link with your essence through the Seven Guidelines to Enhance Your Soul Connection

- A meaningful discussion of the Six Areas to Expand Your Awareness in order to tap into and lead an empowered life

- Understanding that nothing is predetermined, the importance of a daily routine of embracing gratitude, and much, much more!

In this book, as you take time to meditate upon the pictures, if it is of your choosing, we send our energy directly to you as if you were in a workshop with us so you also receive our message energetically.

Reflections of Spirit is a self-help book drawn from the universe. If you like step-by-step guidance, finding your calling, and non-physical knowledge, then you’ll love Katie Easterwood’s inspired communication.

A full color guide with pictures & adventures of awareness to take you to your destination.

Buy Reflections of Spirit for endless possibilities today!

on Amazon in ebook, paperback, & hardback.


We provide a number of services through Zoom,  phone, and in person in Sedona, AZ. 

Our Services include a New Client Initial  Consultation at a special introductory rate, individual & Group mentoring &  and workshops. 

Our services are intended to assist you in connecting with your Spirit Within to guide you to the life journey of your Heart's Desires & applying our guidance contained in our books. Small in person groups may be offered or arranged upon request locally. Click the Services & Events button below to see a description and pricing of our services.

Free Gifts

The Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart would like to send you a free weekly video message by email to assist you on your adventurous journey within, your path of bliss; guiding you to  your Inner Being, that energy which animates your life, to assist you in  remembering why as spirit you chose this life and to live that life fully. 

Free guided audio visualization meditation, "Contacting Your Inner Being", that was dictated by the Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart for their book, Choosing the Journey Within, and was recorded by Katie with Tibetan Bowls sounding in the background. We are pleased to send you a meditation file by emailed as a gift upon request.


I am Loved and I am LOVE.

I choose to be aware of my connection to my  my Spirit Within, that which animates my life,  at all times. I  am open and receptive to its guidance now.

My  Spirit has unlimited potential and inspires my action each moment of my life.

I am a reflection of my Spirit's light & love within the world.

I choose to live a passion-filled, inner inspired life now.

Is your path a bit confusing at ​times?

Does it feel like you backtrack or are blocked?

Would Some Guidance from a Broader Non-Physical Perspective Assist?

You're the one in possession of all of the choices which design your life experience, The designer of your Life!

If we may be of assistance, and this seems attractive to you, please sign up for the free weekly messages or check out our services  and Events  by clicking the button below.

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